The Gottman Method

You may have heard of The Gottman Method, or it may be new to you. It is scientifically-based therapy born out of over 40 years of research on what makes marriages succeed or fail. John Gottman can predict, hearing only 15 minutes of a couple argue, if that couple will divorce or not with a 96% accuracy. That's pretty amazing!

The Gottman Method has specific interventions for communication issues, as well as a specific process for affair recovery. Sometimes couples therapy can be a little confusing or murky - what are we doing here? What are we really working on? The Gottman Method is clear, and has an outlined approach to helping you communicate better and increase your positive interactions.

The Gottman Method also provides current technology to help you connect outside of session. There are multiple apps that you can use on date nights, or in the bedroom, to ask each other questions and get to know each other in ways you haven't before. Often couples just don't know where to start, or what to say to each other, when they are trying to reconnect again. The Gottman Method has you covered. 

We now realize that behind each person’s gridlocked position lies something deep and meaningful—something core to that person’s belief system, needs, history, or personality. It might be a strongly held value or perhaps a dream not yet lived. These people can no more yield and compromise on this issue than they can give up “the bones” of who they are and what they value about themselves. Compromise seems like selling themselves out, which is unthinkable. But when a relationship achieves a certain level of safety and one partner clearly communicates that he or she wants to know about the underlying meaning of the other partner’s position, the other partner can finally open up and talk about his or her feelings, dreams, and needs. Persuasion and problem solving are postposed. The goal is for each partner to understand the other’s dreams behind the position on the issue.
— Dr. John Gottman